Deta Ecology Token Alliance

DetaChain is committed to becoming the global basic public chain of the digital ecosystem.

What's Deta

Data Ecology Token Alliance, which is a digital ecological token alliance. Based on the concepts of union, innovation, co-construction, sharing, and consensus, we build a large-scale distributed value traffic distribution storage network to solve the problem of obtaining social shared resources. Problems such as difficulty in chaining, difficulty in trading, difficulty in integration, difficulty in exchange, etc., creating the world's largest decentralized business application ecosystem.

Industry pain points

The cost of CDN is high. For traditional Internet companies engaged in video, large file download and other services, bandwidth costs account for a large portion of expenditure

There is a large amount of idle bandwidth. As the user's home bandwidth grows, the idle bandwidth and regional bandwidth of third-party operators are not high, and overseas low-cost bandwidth. These idle bandwidths require platform and technology integration and optimization to be effectively utilized.

Waste of social bandwidth resources

The number of Internet users in China is 829 million, and the average per-week online time of Chinese Internet users is 27.6 hours, which is equivalent to only 3.94 hours of online time per day, and the idle broadband time per day reaches 20.06 hours.

According to the "China Yearbook 2018" published by the National Bureau of Statistics, as of the end of 2017, the number of enterprises in China has reached 180,976,672. In theory, according to the 8-hour work system, at least 50% of the broadband resources have also been used. wasted.

According to the "China Yearbook 2018" published by the National Bureau of Statistics, as of the end of 2017, the number of enterprises in China has reached 180,976,672. In theory, according to the 8-hour work system, at least 50% of the broadband resources have also been used. wasted.

Project planning

The birth of the token
Ecological construction
Ecologically Built

DetaChain was determined to break through the real Deta digital ecosystem in 2018, and set up the Deta Foundation in the same year. The core team was formed during Q1 2019, and the underlying technical architecture was determined to begin early preparations.

In Q2 2019, we began to develop code in depth to connect with factories for the production of smart devices. The first phase of the Q4 main chain research and development in 2019 has basically taken shape and entered the internal testing phase. At the same time, the smart device research and development will be completed during Q4 2019, and it will enter the pre-sale stage. The test network will be officially opened to the public during Q1 in 2020. The deployment of smart devices and super nodes is ready to start expanding the ecosystem.

In 2020, the main network of Q2 will be officially launched, the deployment of super nodes and ecological nodes will be completed, and Deta will officially land; and in Q2 of 2020, the main network and smart devices will be continuously updated. The overall business ecology will take shape in Q3 of 2020, and the surrounding ecological deployment will be started to accelerate the landing of e-commerce and Deta incubators.

Core advantages

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Deta uses IPFS technology in distributed storage technology. A distributed hash table is used to perform file distribution in order to effectively coordinate and achieve effective access and search between nodes. Through distributed hash tables, nodes can store and share data without central coordination; use Merkle DAG to ensure that the data blocks exchanged on the p2p network are correct, undamaged, and unmodified. In IPFS, the hash value replaces the URL in the traditional Internet system. With a unique hash value, the authenticity and integrity of the information stored in the IPFS network can be easily verified (all content on IPFS can be unique Identification, because each data block has a unique hash value. In addition, the data is tamper-resistant because changes to the data change the hash value). The simplicity of Hash Value makes IPFS an ideal storage layer in a blockchain system.

DetaCDN's working principle is based on the open source Squid technology, combined with the SDK and P2P technology developed by the intelligent CDN node deployment software (smart devices will be built-in). It takes full advantage of the intelligent node scheduling and SDK of P2P and traditional CDN to realize data serialization and parallelism, single-path to multi-path, algorithms and protocols can be continuously optimized for a long time, and 100% anti-theft chain and hijacking. Easily upgrade smart devices to CDN nodes. The Deta team fully grasps and utilizes core technical advantages such as distributed CDN, intelligent scheduling, layered release dynamic deployment, and dynamic defense against DDOS. Effectively implement acceleration services such as game downloads, mobile applications, video on demand, intelligent hardware, and online live streaming

The storage capabilities of storage network aggregation contributors provide nearly unlimited storage space, and channel coding [1,16] further reduces the number of redundant backups and improves storage reliability to 99.99999%. Storage networks are dominated by cold data. It accelerates the network's ability to aggregate the bandwidth of excess idle resources, and provides 100Mbps ultra-high-speed transmission services. The minimum remaining storage space for acceleration contributors is only 50MB; the AI algorithm completes the cached data scheduling for contributors based on the entire network status. Accelerated networks are dominated by hot data.

Deta uses the blockchain plus edge computing technology to achieve the location close to the terminal of the IoT device, and then can perform data processing; that is, the device can process the calculation data by itself if it can interact with and generate data, even if it is not connected to DetaCloud Only through local data calculation, intelligent control of IoT devices can be realized.

Not open yet, stay tuned

Not open yet, stay tuned

Deta Overview

Deta uses a unified blockchain token, Deta, with a constant total of 1.9 billion Detas.

Deta, as the blockchain token of the global commercial basic public chain, we have customized a complete set of commercialized ecological landing system around it, following the principles of security, transparency, reliability, modularity, and parallel expansion, and provide corresponding smart devices. Incentive scheme.

Deta, as the value basis of the ecology, passes through all links of the system and is a standard value unit for all costs and value exchange.

Distribution ratio

Core Team

Beiping Song
  • Secretary-General of DetaChain Steering Committee of Experts
  • Director, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Institute of Applied Legal Language, Beijing Vocational College of Political Science and Law
  • Executive Vice President, Legal Language and Culture Research Association, Chinese Behavior Law Society
  • Legislator of the people's congress
  • Supreme Court judicial expert.
Zuming Liu
  • DetaChain founder
  • Chairman of Yefeng Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
  • Co-founder of "Xingchen Yunzhong Science Lab"
  • Successive entrepreneurs, senior investors in blockchain, engaged in trust, banking, funds and financing business for many years, with keen market insight, excellent project organization ability, market development ability and high-end decision-making ability
Yubao Chen
  • Chairman of Singapore Digital Ecology Foundation
  • Visiting Scholar, University of Melbourne, Australia, Duke University, USA
  • Founder and Director of Biocomputing Department, Beijing Computing Center
  • Director of Beijing Key Laboratory of Cloud Computing Technology and Application
  • Deputy Director and Secretary-General of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Committee of Chinese Engineering Society